How did Breast Actives come about?

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The company responsible for the manufacture of Breast Actives products was founded in 2002 and has the support of recognized international associations of natural products. This is due to the high quality and reliability of the products that have proven to be capable of providing excellent results.

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Breast Actives effectively combines the latest scientific advances and the best ingredients available on the market. This is how it is constituted as the leading provider of innovative health and beauty products especially designed for women like you.

Stimulating the development and strengthening of your breasts in a natural way

Breast Actives is a safe and natural treatment free of health risks. You can use it comfortably at home without the negative implications such as pain and expenses associated with breast augmentation surgeries. Each component of this system has been rigorously tested in clinical trials to safely guarantee you the most effective results.

These tests have revealed that the combination of both products is capable of providing a 150% increase in volume. The reason for its effectiveness is that the ingredients selected for its formulation reactivate the same processes that gave rise to breast growth during adolescence.

To understand the functioning of Breast Actives it is important to understand the tissue structure of the breast and how it develops. The breast is made up of a set of glandular, fibrous, and fatty tissues that are positioned over the pectoral muscles as explained in Wikipedia. In turn, this entire structure is attached to the chest wall by fibrous threads called Cooper’s ligaments.

Breast tissue begins to grow during puberty when the body undergoes a series of changes that prepare it for reproduction. Specifically, the production of two hormones, estrogen and progesterone, triggers the development of glandular structure.

During this stage, the fatty and fibrous tissues of the breast become more elastic. The breast ducts begin to grow and this development continues until menstruation begins, preparing the body for a potential pregnancy. This process concludes when a woman reaches full sexual maturity, thus leaving a defined size for the breast.

However, once the ingredients of Breast Actives enter the bloodstream they reactivate the estrogen receptors located in the breast tissue. In turn, they promote an increase in the production of this hormone. High levels of this glandular product and progesterone, such as those that occur during pregnancy, establish the necessary conditions for a geometric multiplication of the cells to take place.

For example, 8 divisions from an original cell will result in the formation of 128. Similarly, they result in a greater accumulation of fatty tissue within the breast structure resulting in a clear increase in volume.

In addition to stimulating the development of breast tissue, Breast Actives also works by nourishing the muscle tissues of the chest wall. In this way, the bust can count on robust and resistant support against the influence of gravity. The cream, on the other hand, strengthens the skin tissue giving it greater firmness and freshness promoting effective rejuvenation at a cellular level.

Natural components that provide satisfactory results

Both the nutritional supplement and the cream of Breast Actives are formulated with organic elements of the best quality. These have been processed in such a way that they conserve their natural characteristics and all their potential.

Some of the ingredients included in the formulation of the topical treatment are

Almond. This element has active ingredients that protect the skin from the effects produced by ultraviolet rays. They also stimulate the natural moisture of the dermis and increase the production of collagen which is reflected in a smoother and firmer appearance.
Sativa Oats. It contains optimal repairing properties for all skin types. It moisturizes the tissues and acts as a protective barrier against environmental aggressions.
Chamomile. The dried flowers of this plant contain many terpenoids and flavonoids that have varied medicinal properties. Among other therapeutic applications, they are used to minimize the effects produced by the premenstrual syndrome. And due to their regenerative properties they are widely used in natural cosmetics.
Red clover. This component is responsible for the regulation of estrogen levels.
On the other hand, the dietary supplement includes among its ingredients the following elements:

  • Holy thistle. It promotes healthy blood circulation by ensuring stable blood pressure. Thanks to this effect, the other active ingredients contained in the supplement can reach the glandular tissues and stimulate an increased production of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Dong Quai. Widely used since the beginning of Chinese medicine to provide important support for women’s well-being. It helps to regulate hormone production thus mitigating all kinds of imbalances associated with the menstrual cycle.
  • Fennel seeds. It has a high content of phytoestrogens that naturally stimulate the development of breast tissue.

An effective and easy-to-use treatment

Since Breast Actives is made with herbal ingredients, its use is 100% safe. Additionally, this treatment only involves following a daily routine dedicated to improving the appearance of your breasts. Each day you should take one pill of the dietary supplement with a glass of water, recommended before breakfast. In this way your body will be able to better assimilate the active ingredients contained in the ingredients.

The effects of the supplement will be enhanced by regular use of the topical treatment. You can apply the product after taking a bath with warm water, and you should perform this procedure by gently massaging with your fingertips. You should spread the ointment evenly so that it completely covers the surface of your breasts.

As with any treatment, to obtain satisfactory results as soon as possible you must be consistent with the application of the system. It is essential that you follow the instructions included with the product carefully to obtain the best benefits.

It is important to mention that along with the topical treatment and the dietary supplement, Breast Actives provides you with a complete exercise program. It will help stimulate healthy circulation while strengthening the muscles of the chest wall.